Tools and Tips to Maximize Skills

* To do lists

To Do: How Tech Savvy Are You?
1. Take a quiz:

To Do: Getting to Know You

Create a three-slide "Getting to Know You" PowerPoint with the following information:

On the first slide--
  • your name
  • your title
  • where you work,
  • subject you teach
  • level
  • years in education

On the second slide

On the third slide, show us what technology means to you. Insert graphics to communicate your message. Use Clip Art or Google Images. No words allowed! Remember the Rule of Six! (No more than six lines to a slide, six words to a line).

Need help? Visit PowerPoint:: Atomic Learning: The process for creating a presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003.

To Do:

Jumping from Microsoft Word to PowerPoint

This will enable you to use your outline to create a PowerPoint presentation.
1. Open Microsoft Word.
2. Choose "Outline" from the "View" menu.
3. Create an outline of broad topics and sub-topics dealing with a lesson you deliver that might be improved with the infusion of technology. Include Introduction, Ideas or Topics, an idea for a graphic representing your topic, a bibliography (visit for a quick solution to the bibliography challenge)
4. In the "File" menu, select "Send to PowerPoint."
5. Additional resources: Create a document outline
Create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word outline