The Workforce Model--Collaboration and Communication

Web 2.0 --

To Do: Online Writing

1. Set up an account on Writely.
2. Write a paragraph about a technology integration strategy you would like to learn.
3. Invite a classmate to collaborate.
4. Locate your colleague's document on Writely and make a change.

Publisher Brochure

1. Meet the Parents! Open School Night is just around the corner, and you'll want to have something to hand to the parents to give them insight into what goes on in your classrooms. Open Publisher and select a brochure template.
2. Create content to include. The front panel should announce your class/subject, the back should have contact information. Use the middle to showcase what you consider to be important.
3. Include a graphic on the front panel, as well as at least one inside.
4. Include at least one project idea you plan to do with your students that features technology integration.

Wiki Work

1. Go to
2. Scroll down the page and find a spot where you would like to contribute an idea.
3. Click the edit tab. Make a change and save it.
4. Go to
5. Create an account.