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Technology: The Great Motivator

Tom March
Wired Learning
What is a WebQuest?—Kathy Schrock

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The Literacy Project from Google
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Marco Polo
Read, Write, Think
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Add-Ons: Expand Your Knowledge Base

The Net Generation and the School, by Don Tapscott - Today's youth are different from any generation before them. They are exposed to digital technology in virtually all facets of their day-to-day existence, and it is not difficult to see that this is having a profound impact on their personalities, including their attitudes and approach to learning.
Lemke, C. & Coughlin, E. C. (1998). Technology in American Schools: Seven Dimensions for Gauging Progress. A Policymaker's Guide. The Milken Exchange on Educational Technology, (Available at
Schacter, J. (1995). The Impact of Educational Technology on Student Achievement. The Milken Exchange on Educational Technology, (Available at
Center for Media Literacy
25 Tools, Technology, and Best Practices
Teaching Wiki
Apple Learning Interchange
Apple Units of Practice
The Teacher Tap: Professional Development Resources
Strategies for Using Technology Tools and Internet Resources in Your Curriculum
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky
The Best of the Net for Educators--Bonnie Foster, Long Beach Public Schools
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