Are we teaching students who are globally competitive? Are our skills sharp enough to keep up with them? Do we know how to use and manipulate tools available to us courtesy of the Internet to improve our teaching? Can we gather and take advantage of extensive resources to enhance our practice? Do we know how to provide our students with access to resources and curricula 24/7? Are we teaching information literacy and critical thinking? Can we use technology to accomplish goals that have eluded us in the past? Do our students and we know how to create as well as use knowledge?
This inservice course will explore these questions and provide you with the tools to integrate technology into your curriculum in meaningful ways. Highlights will include:
Search engines—there’s more to life than Google
The Collaborative Web—web 2.0
  • What in the World is a Wiki?
  • Who, me, blog? Why and How?
  • The Write Way—Online writing
  • Digital Photography Projects
  • Podcasting
Project-Based Learning
Information Overload and Quality Management
Online Activities and Resources for Teachers and Students